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This is a multi-part application.
You must complete each section by clicking on the section number.
You must complete Section 1 first then the other sections will become available. Sections can be accessed multiple times while you complete the entire application.
You will be sent a temporary password via email to access your application while you complete all the sections.
NOTE: Point at each of the little blue bubbles for instructions on each section.
NOTE: Please do not use the < > characters in your text.

* Section 1 - Personal Information. All fields are required.MORE
* Section 2 - Code Of Ethics. All fields are required MORE
* Section 3 - College / University Education MORE
* Section 4 - Additional Education Requirements for PWS MORE
* Section 5 - Qualifying Full-Time Experience MORE
* Section 6 - Additional Supportive Information MORE
* Section 7 - Statement of Expertise Essay MORE
* Section 8 - Professional References MORE
* Comments - General Comments MORE

Upgrading from WPIT to PWS info:MORE

If you have already started an application and wish to continue, LOGIN using your temporary password that you received via email. If you did not receive a password, please check your junk or spam folder. If you can not find the email, then Click Here.

When you have completed ALL the sections for your application and made a payment,
you MUST click this FINAL SUBMIT button to submit your application for review.
An automated email will be sent to each of your references requesting that they fill out the FormC in your behalf.


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