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Professional Short Courses

COURSE INFO PROVIDER: Midwest Biodiversity Institute
COURSE TITLE: Identification of Common Wetland Plants

INSTRUCTORS Mick Micacchion

COURSE DESCRIPTION – Knowledge of common wetland plants is a basic requirement of many of the duties involved in the wetland profession and associated fields. Wetland plant identification is an intricate part of wetland delineations and many wetland assessment methods are dependent on the ability of the users to identify common wetland plants.
This course is focused on identification of common Midwestern wetland plants. Quantitative studies from hundreds of Ohio wetlands have been used to scientifically determine the most common species. While many more plants will be covered, there is a special emphasis given to the 50 to 75 most common plants occurring in wetlands, and course participants should be competent in identifying them upon course completion.
The course involves three days of training with the first half day in the classroom followed by two and a half field days in a variety of Ohio wetlands. Classroom instruction on plant taxonomy and nomenclature is followed by field work where “hands on” experience in recognizing the morphological characters used to identify wetland plants is practiced. The range of wetlands visited gives students exposure to emergent, shrub, and forest wetland plant communities.
The use of taxonomic keys and field guides including Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide and Ohio EPA’s Guide to Common Wetland Plants is explained in the classroom and applied in the field. At the end of the course attendee’s will be confident in their abilities to the most common wetland plants. Each participant will be pleased with their increased knowledge in wetland plant identification and will receive a certificate documenting successful completion of the course.

Credit Points: 1.4

SYLLABUS/TOPICAL OUTLINE A course agenda is attached.
View or download the outline here: MBIHO12-019_SecV_5681.docx

Mick Micacchion
4673 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, OH 43026
P: 614-403-2085
F: 614-457-6005


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