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Professional Short Courses

The Companies/Individuals listed here have submitted one or more courses that have been pre-approved for training credits and/or points by the SWSPCP.
These companies are authorized to designate/advertise the pre-approved course(s) they offer.

Note to Providers: When advertising these courses in other media you are authorized to designate/advertise the pre-approved course(s) you offer.
You may ONLY use the language that follows when addressing pre-approved courses:
This Course (alt: these courses) has (have) been pre-approved by the SWSPCP as meeting standards for content and instruction to receive credits and/or points toward SWSPCP Professional Certification or SWSPCP Professional Certification Renewal.

SWS Webinars are hosted on the SWS YouTube Channel. Click to watch them.
However, the SWS webinars (that are not the quarterly free webinars) are not posted to the YouTube Channel until they are at least 3 months old.
For any inquiries, please contact the SWS office via email:
Title:  Blue Carbon: Science and Application for Adding Value to Estuary Restoration -- More Info
Title:  The enigmatic Okavango Delta: A large wetland in a dryland -- More Info
Title:  Livestock grazing affects microbial activity at different soil depths via the groundwater level with potential implications for carbon sequestration -- More Info
Title:  Peatlands, Parks, and Playas: a Tour of Colorado's Diverse Wetlands -- More Info
Title:  Climate Change and Coastal Wetlands: Planning for Resiliency in the Face of a Rising Tide -- More Info
Title:  Practical Restoration Design, Implementation, and Management for Coastal and Inland Wetlands – Three Case Studies -- More Info
Title:  Examining interactions among vegetation and water quality in conservation wetlands of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley -- More Info
Title:  The Ramsar Convention and the Society of Wetland Scientists -- More Info
Title:  Wetlands of the coast of Lima: patterns of diversity and challenges for conservation -- More Info
Title:  Potential climate change impacts on native seeds relative to Phragmites -- More Info
Title:  Enhanced Mapping Tools to Protect and Restore Vermont's Wetlands -- More Info
Title:  Introduction to the historical and morphological changes (1800 to present) along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Colombia -- More Info
Title:  Influence of the Pulses in the Organization of the Vegetation of the Parana River, Downstream from Its Confluence with Paraguay -- More Info
Title:  Valley-bottom palmiet wetlands: the mysterious peatlands at the tip of southern Africa -- More Info
Title:  Fluvial paradigms: between myths and realities at the confluence of the Paraná and Paraguay Rivers -- More Info
Title:  Wetlands in a Changing Climate: Science, Policy and Management -- More Info
Title:  Evaluation of soil respiration rates across a range of well-pad peatland restoration treatments in the Alberta oil sands region -- More Info
Title:  The Good, the Bad, the Peatland: Sharing knowledge to better restore wetlands -- More Info
Title:  How to make better constructed wetlands -- More Info
Title:  Restoring Lake Apopka – Water Quality, Wetlands, Water, and Wildlife -- More Info
Title:  Scientists' Second Warning to Humanity and a Declaration on the Rights of Wetlands -- More Info
Title:  Preliminary study: Ecological and Economic Assessment of the Villa María Wetland, Chimbote - Peru. -- More Info
Title:  Ecosystem services in the wetlands of the central coast of Peru: advances and future prospects -- More Info
Title:  Toxic Pollution in Wetlands and Remediation Actions -- More Info
Title:  Coastal wetlands and climate change, SWS Webinar scheduled November 21, 2019 -- More Info
Title:  Withering Wetlands - Global Trends in Wetland Loss and Degradation: Why, and what can be done about it? -- More Info
Title:  Women Leaders in Wetland Science -- More Info
Title:  Wanted - Invasive Plants - Dead or Alive -- More Info
Title:  Convergence of Wetland Science and Technology -- More Info
Title:  Before the Ghosts Appear: Identifying the Effects of Chronic Saltwater Intrusion on Coastal Floodplain Swamps Using Remote Sensing -- More Info
Title:  Roadside Right-of-Way Wetlands Resulting from Road Construction and Mowing -- More Info
Title:  Can biochar increase carbon sequestration in wetland restoration projects? -- More Info
Title:  Restoring Native Clam Communities for Improved Water Quality in the Indian River Lagoon -- More Info
Title:  Urban Wetlands and Water Management -- More Info
Title:  Aquatic Birds Monitoring, Wetland Conservation, and Citizen Science in Chile -- More Info
Title:  Resurrecting ghost ponds and other approaches in pond restoration and conservation -- More Info
Title:  Role of inland saline wetland ecosystems in the face of climate change -- More Info
Title:  Urban Wetlands, an opportunity to make sustainable cities -- More Info
Title:  Assessing Vegetative Species Re-colonization of Commercial Cranberry Bogs -- More Info
Title:  Pantanal a heated dialogue. What is next after major fires have taken more than 30% of the wetland -- More Info
Title:  The history of biodiversity in Mexico's Cuatro Ciénegas wetlands, and its significance to the future of humanity. -- More Info
Title:  Urban wetland initiatives--Increasing resiliency of New York City salt marshes -- More Info
Title:  Assessing Functions of Missouri’s Bottomlands: Laying the Groundwork for Wetland Conservation -- More Info
Title:  Restoring Riverby Ranch for Bois d’Arc Lake: A Watershed Scale Ecological Restoration Project -- More Info
Title:  Small herbivores interacting with macrophytes in subtropical wetlands -- More Info
Title:  Application of floating treatment wetlands in Pakistan for wastewater treatment -- More Info
Title:  Integrating wetlands into holistic nature-based planning projects -- More Info
Title:  Climate-resilient environmental flows: Theory, practice & outlook on a changing climate in Mexico -- More Info
Title:  Ecology and Conservation of Crawfish Frogs in Remnant Wet Prairies of Northwest Arkansas -- More Info
Title:  Hydroecological monitoring of high elevation wetlands in Bolivia -- More Info
Title:  Peatland Mapping from boreal to tropical zone in Americas -- More Info
Title:  Buying time — Salt marsh adaptive management to sea level rise using runnels -- More Info
Title:  Wetlands Ecology & Ecological Engineering at UF 40-yrs of the co-evolution of science & regulation -- More Info
Title:  Peatland Mapping from boreal to tropical zone in Americas -- More Info
Title:  Wetland identification in ecologically challenging and high-stakes interface environments -- More Info
Title:  Restoring Coastal Plain streams functional uplift through baseflow channel and valley restoration -- More Info
Title:  USACE Jurisdictional Determination Requests and Waters of the U.S. Definition -- More Info
Title:  Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta hydro-sedimentological model, a tool for recovery and management -- More Info
Title:  The use of constructed wetlands for treatment of agricultural drainage waters in the Czech Republic -- More Info
Title:  The role of wetlands and wet meadows in the Conservation of the American Burying beetle in Nebraska -- More Info
Title:  Karst Wetlands in the Yucatan Peninsula -- More Info
Title:  HumMentor 2022 Wetlands Perspectives -- More Info
Title:  Urban wetland management in Cameroon, challenges, and prospects -- More Info
Title:  Identifying Hydric Soils workshop -- More Info
Title:  Wetland Mapping and Emerging Technology -- More Info
Title:  Hands-on Wetlands Education with WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands Educators Guide -- More Info
Title:  Wetland water quality: Relationship with watershed land cover/ land-use, soils, and water inputs. -- More Info
Title:  Coral Reef biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: studies for its conservation -- More Info
Title:  An Overview of the History and Breadth of Wetland Management Practices -- More Info
Title:  Atlas of Bofedales of the Southern Tropical Andes -- More Info
Title:  Too much salt and not enough water - how drought is pushing Great Salt Lake to the brink -- More Info
Title:  The ecology of Laguna Madre, a global treasure deep in the heart of Texas -- More Info
Title:  The Central American Waterbird Census: the first ten years 2011–2020 -- More Info
Title:  Unexpected Results in Adaptive Management -- More Info
Title:  Automated Data Sheets for Wetland Delineation -- More Info
Title:  When Times Get Tough Remember The Sea Turtles! -- More Info
Title:  Revised Definition of "Waters of the US" -- More Info
Title:  Sackett v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Implications for WOTUS and the Clean Water Act -- More Info
Title:  Development and Implementation of an Agricultural Wetlands Mitigation Bank -- More Info
Title:  A Broad Scale 2,500 Acre Wetland Habitat Restoration Project in South Florida -- More Info
Title:  Conservation Planning in Municipalities: Case Studies of Urban Wetlands & Waterways -- More Info
Title:  Wetland Mitigation and the Art of Creating a Water Budget -- More Info
Title:  Latest Trends in Wetland Mitigation Banking -- More Info
Title:  Influence of the Edge Slope of a Wetland on Waterbirds in the Bogota Savannah -- More Info
Title:  Ramsar Convention Implementation in Coastal Wetlands of the Caribbean -- More Info
Title:  Wetlands bioremediation of emerging contaminants -- More Info
Title:  Sinking In: Culture and Disruption -- More Info
Title:  Coastal Wetland Coverage Classification Criteria in Mexico -- More Info
Title:  Connectivity and Water Quality in the Afchafalaya Basin -- More Info
Title:  Ecology and Response of Sphagnum-Dominated Peatlands in Western Washington to Landscape Stressors -- More Info
Title:  An Integrated Framework for Evaluating Wetland and Stream Compensatory Mitigation -- More Info
Title:  Vanishing Ice: Wetland Rehabilitation for Infrastructure Installations in Permafrost -- More Info
Title:  Wetlands of Nebraska Outreach and Education Project: Accomplishments and Transferability -- More Info
Title:  Constructed Wetlands as Sustainable Solution for Acid Mine Drainage Treatment -- More Info
Title:  A Legal Approach to Design a Strategy for the Improved Management of Wetlands in South Africa -- More Info
Title:  Prioritizing Floodplain Reconnection to Improve Ecohydrological River Corridor Function -- More Info
SWS Webinars are archived on YouTube: Click to watch them.
Title:  Florida Local Environmental Resource Agencies (FLERA) Wetlands Workshop -- More Info
Contact:  Kim Tapley
Address:  3629 Queen Palm Drive, Tampa, FL
Phone:  (813) 627-2600 x)1359
Title:  Wetland Delineation Short Course More Info
Title:  Wetland Delineation and Regional Supplement Training -- More Info
Contact:  Philip J. Quarterman, PWS
Address:  9755 SW Barnes Road, Suite 300 Portland, OR 97225
Phone:  (503) 372-3562 - Mobile: (503) 358-3673
Fax:  (503) 526-0775
Title:  Wetland Delineation & Regional Supplement Training
Contact:  Marc Seelinger
Address:  621 Starburst Lane, Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone:  (877) 479-2673
Title:  Plant ID: Wetlands & Their Borders -- More Info
Title:  Basic Wetland Delineator Training -- More Info
Contact:  Barbara Tiner
Address:  PO Box 612, Leverett, MA 01054
Phone:  413-441-3708
Title:  Virtual Hydric Soils Training -- More Info
Title:  Hydric Soils Training -- More Info
Title:  Advanced Hydric Soils -- More Info
Title:  Hydric Soils Short Course -- More Info
Title:  Hydric Soils 2-Day Course -- More Info
Contact:  Travis C Richardson
Address:  9158 NE 76th Ct, Gainsville, FL 32609
Phone:  386-937-1283
Title:  Wetland Delineation & Corps Permitting Training -- More Info
Title:  Problem Soils -- More Info
Contact:  Scott Jecker
Address:  3413 Hunter Road, San Marcos, TX 78132
Phone:  512-353-3344
Title:  Monitoring and Assessment of Wetland and Riparian Ecosystems
Title:  Wetland Regulations: Understanding Federal, State, and Local Regulations and the Permitting Process in Montana -- More Info
Contact:  Stephanie McGinnis Education Outreach Coordinator
Address:  335 Culbertson Hall, Bozeman, MT 59717
Phone:  (406) 994-6671
Fax:  (406) 994-6660
Title:  Southern Vegetation Identification for Wetland Delineation
Title:  Vegetation Identification for Wetland Delineation
Title:  Introduction to Wetland Identification
Title:  Methodology for Delineating Wetlands
Title:  Wetland Construction Design -- More Info
Title:  Hydric Soils -- More Info
Contact:  Suzanne Hills
Address:  102 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, NJ 0890
Phone:  848-932-7234
Title:  ACOE Wetland Delineation, Waters of the US and Regional Supplement Training -- More Info
Title:  Wetland Permitting Training -- More Info
Title:  Regional Supplement Wetland Delineation Training -- More Info
Title:  Virtual ACOE Wetland Delineation, Waters of the US and Regional Supplement Training -- More Info
Contact:  Richard Chinn, PWS
Address:  804 Cottage Hill Way, Brandon, FL 33511
Phone:  813.655.7549
Title:  Identification of Wetland and Adjacent Upland Plants of the Midwest -- More Info
Contact:  Orbis Environmental Consulting
Address:  PO Box 10235, South Bend, IN
Phone:  423-303-9079
Title:  Wetland Delineation Workshop -- More Info
Title:  Grass, Sedge and Rush Identification Workshop -- More Info
Contact:  Southeastern Botany, LLC
Address:  310 N. Excelda Ave, Tampa, FL
Phone:  727-776-7734
Title:  Wetland Delineation -- More Info
Title:  Ohio Rapid Assessment Method for Wetlands (ORAM) -- More Info
Title:  Vegetation Index of Biotic Integrity (VIBI) -- More Info
Title:  Identification of Common Wetland Plants -- More Info
Title:  Primary Headwater Habitat (PHWH) -- More Info
Title:  Wetland Botany -- More Info
Title:  Ohio Amphibians -- More Info
Title:  Introduction to Wetlands -- More Info
Contact:  Mick Micacchion
Address:  4673 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, OH 43026
Phone:  614-403-2085
Title:  Fundamental Hydric Soils -- More Info
Contact:  Mike Callahan
Address:  PO Box 612, Palmyra, PA 17078
Phone:  717-304-5218
Contact:  Shawn DeKeyser
Address:  805 17th Ave W, West Fargo, ND 58078
Phone:  701-361-0950
  Gailey Environmental, LLC
Title:  Gailey Environmental, LLC: 36-Hour Wetland Delineation Training -- More Info
Contact:  Adam Gailey
Address:  P.O. Box 32, Avella, PA 15312
Phone:  412-770-4698


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