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Professional Short Courses

COURSE INFO PROVIDER: Southeastern Botany, LLC
COURSE TITLE: Grass, Sedge and Rush Identification Workshop

INSTRUCTORS Christina Uranowski
Christina Uranowski
Diane Willis

COURSE DESCRIPTION Grass, Sedge & Rush Identification Workshop
Southeastern Botany, LLC

Classroom portion
The workshop includes classroom training using interactive power point presentations, magnified, fresh and pressed specimens. The classroom training stresses differences between families, tribes and major genera based on classification and morphological features.
For all plants reviewed various taxonomic keys are utilized to determine species level identification of live and pressed specimens. As much as possible focus on vegetative characteristics is highlighted. An emphasize on differences between exotic and native look-a-like species is emphasized. Botanical terminology is highlighted and strongly reinforced throughout the class, necessary for successful use of keys. A glossary is provided to assist in identification. Reference collections are available for review and keys specific for each class developed by the instructor will be provided to the students. Stereo microscopes will be provided to each group of 4 or 5 participants to easily view plant structures, seeds and achenes. The training provided in this class is intended to provide the participant with the tools and training necessary to confidently identify grasses, sedges and rushes to at least the genus level or higher.

Field portion
The field identification portion of the class takes place in several community types. A listing of plant species including the state and federal indicator category will be provided in advance. The participant will use techniques learned in the classroom to identify plants under the guidance of the instructor. Participants will learn the most commonly encountered indicator plants for the region including common, rare, invasive and exotic species that are important in wetland delineation, restoration and habitat management.

Credit Points: 1.06

SYLLABUS/TOPICAL OUTLINE View or download the outline here: SBLTF66-041_SecV_15249.docx

Christina Uranowski
310 N. Excelda Ave, Tampa, FLORIDA 33609
P: 7277767734


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